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Understanding Ransomware and how to prevent it.



























The Cryptolocker virus is doing the rounds again so please dont open any emails from Australia Post or from a company called AGL or Paypal.


Here is a sample of what the most recent email looks like and a video just explaining what cryptolocker is and how you can avoid it.




















































Whats new with the windows 10 Upgrade Disaster ?


Here is a great video explaining what has been happening the last few weeks and why your computer may have "automatically" downloaded windows 10.


























Here is a link to the website that will allow you to download a program called never 10 which will allow you to disable the windows 10 upgrade.





































Here at Kimberley IT we have decided to challenge ourselves to participate in the gibb river challenge in 2017 however we will not be alone as some of our clients will be joining us for this epic race along the Gib River Road and through some of the most beautiful scenery you will ever see.


If you havent heard of the race or would like to participate you can check it out in the link below.