" Living and working in Broome "

About the owner.

Rudi Oberholzer started Kimberley IT in 2010.

Originally from South Africa, Rudi spent 9 years in Perth where he worked as a IT consultant while continuing his studies to become a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist.

It was Rudi's love for fishing and the outdoors that drew him to Broome and the Kimberley region in 2010.

Rudi Says:

"There is something very special about Broome that captivates you the minute you get here, it reminds me of Africa in many ways and it just feels like home. We feel very blessed to be able to live in such an amazing part of the world and love the Broome people, culture and history of the town, oh - And the fishing isn't bad either!"

Rudi is the Head Systems Engineer and owner of Kimberley IT and has been a Microsoft Certified Professional since 2005 and completed the highly accredited Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist Enterprise Administrator Qualification in 2010 and is also a Microsoft Certified Enterprise Administrator.

Rudi continues to keep up to date with Microsoft technologies and regularly attends training and workshops.