Backup Solutions and Disaster Recovery

​Why type of backups should I be doing and when?

Very few businesses take the time to make sure their backups are working correctly and we cannot stress enough the importance of a solid backup system.

Imagine for a second that your server, the foundation of your business suffers from hard drive failure and you don't have a good backup, it could take weeks to rebuild your system from scratch.

We utilize a revolutionary backup product called Shadow Protect that takes backups to a whole new level.

Shadow Protect takes a complete image snapshot of your server or workstation which is hardware independent.It also does automatic hourly incremental backups of your data which backs up changes and doesn't effect your servers performance.

The single most impressive feature of shadow protect is its ability to double as your disaster recovery plan.

Shadow protect is able to restore not only your data but your complete server to different hardware in the event of a disaster.

Kimberley IT have recently launched "BroomeCloud" which integrates with Shadow Protect as an offsite backup solution to customers.

If you would like to know more about Shadow Protect or would like to Purchase a copy, please email  or call 08 91928590